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Start Here ~ Cottage Economy

Embark on the thrilling and gratifying practice of “cottage economy” right where you are.

What does “cottage economy” mean? Cottage economy is the sweet spot between old-fashioned values (like thrift and DIY) and modern conveniences (like a good electric mixer and a sewing machine).

Cottage economy isn’t about doing without or working yourself to the bone. Far from it! Cottage economy means learning the 🕰 time-honored skills our grandparents knew and adding a dash of 💐 sparkle to make the most of what we have right now.

The good news is you don’t need acres of land to practice cottage economy – though it’s great if you have it! You can turn your kitchen into a center of production instead of merely a center for consumption – no matter what size it is or where it’s located. And you can start where you are.

Skills like…

  • Creating simple, nourishing soups from whatever is in season (or in the cupboard!) using a simple Soup Template.
  • Setting up a working pantry to ward off a budget crisis or emergency
  • Sewing a simple drawstring bag that can serve as a bread bag, produce bag, or a treasure sack for children!
  • Honoring elderly relatives by preserving their recipes for posterity
  • Saving seeds from favorite open-pollinated garden vegetables to replant

See the difference? When your kitchen is a center of production food almost seems to create itself…

May I suggest you begin with one of these posts/videos?

  • Bake up a batch of the light, fluffy sourdough English crumpets just riddled with those holes that trap all the butter and honey
  • Recycle your Christmas tree into sweetly spiced Christmas Tree Potpourri
  • Craft an old-time potpourri from roses that retains its scent for up to 50 years.
  • Make perfect fruit leather from backyard fruit – practically for free!
  • Grow salad shoots in a cupboard any time of year
  • Make silky smooth lemon curd, then grow lemon trees from the seeds!

🌸 Do crumpets, potpourri, and homemade fruit leather conjure visions of scarcity? I think not!! Just start where you are. Pick something to learn. Practice it a few times. Keep adding to your skills. I’m here to help. Soon enough you’ll have that “country feeling” in your heart and in your home.



  • I’m so looking forward to the education and the community. Thank you.

    • Hi Jill! Thanks for visiting! I am really excited about having this lusciously pretty space for us all to share about and enjoy country living. I know you are live in a rural place, but also for those who are living in town and making the most of what that has to offer. So much of life is mindset, wouldn’t you agree?

    • That would be fun! If you are ever planning to be in southern Oregon, leave me a comment and we can try to arrange it.

    • Looking forward to these beautiful things to bake for my family. This is so special!

  • Some more practical advice, tips and tricks from you Michelle. You are amazing!

  • Hi my lovely friend
    I would like to learn more about gluten-free recipes to teach to my communities.

    Congratulations you are the best
    Sweetheart lady
    Ana María 🥰

    • How wonderful to hear from you, Ana Maria! I will keep you in mind for gluten-free cooking. XOX

  • What a wonderful place this is Michelle! I will be reading this with a cup of herbal tea. Thank you for sharing these heartwarming homemaking skills with us xo

    • Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate your comment. XOXO❤️

  • Dear Michelle
    I’m curious …..have you ever tested blenders? Frankly, I’m frustrated with blenders that wind up burned out after a year or so. I use mine prolifically! …..applesause, tomato sauce, etc, chopping nuts, grinding coffee beans and so forth. Maybe I need another type of ‘workhorse’! Lol..any ideas?

    • The blenders sold at departments stores for household use generally only hold up for a year, as you have noticed. Have you tried Vitamix? All the tasks you listed are a breeze with a Vitamix. Mine is 25 years old and going strong.They’re expensive, but over the long run end up paying for themselves.

  • I just stumbled upon your Facebook page that lead me here; I love what you’re doing! You’re welcome to visit my art studio here: Perhaps you’ll find some perfect items for you Chocolate Cottage! Be sure to visit the Musings page for my daily art posts!

  • I’m looking for a Recipe for Pineapple Leather but can’t seem to find one

  • I enjoy your Facebook page so much, and look forward to reading the blog too. So glad to have found your beautiful, encouraging pages!

    • Hi Amber, likewise! I enjoy your page very much. Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit!

  • hello, i loved your show great! recipes, but i am having trouble with your website? unable to move through your recipe box? hope this information helps you and others.


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