Cutting Board Conditioner with Coconut Oil (Spoon Butter)

cutting board conditioner, spoon butter, wood butter

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There is something rewarding about taking good care of humble kitchen utensils. Give your favorite wooden spoon and all your wooden kitchen utensils a “spa treatment” with this easily made Spoon Butter/Cutting Board Conditioner. Make it yourself with 3 simple ingredients including coconut oil. Make extra to gift a special cook in your life!



1 part beeswax (try to buy local)

2 parts food-grade mineral oil (known as paraffin oil in some countries)

1 part refined coconut oil (should not have a coconut aroma)


1. Set up a double boiler. Choose a small to medium heat-proof pan and set it in a pan on the stove. Fill the pan (the pan only, not the bowl) with water to create a water bath. Set the temp for medium-low and let it begin heating while you prepare the ingredients.


2. This recipe is a ratio; a kitchen scale makes this easy. If you do not have a scale, see note at the bottom of the recipe.


3. Grate 2 oz. beeswax (for example) onto a sheet of parchment paper. Pick the paper up and use it to transport the beeswax to the bowl in the water bath. Add 4 oz. mineral oil and 2 oz. coconut oil. Allow the beeswax to melt completely, about 15-20 minute, stirring occasionally with a silicone spatula. Set a folded rag on the counter near the stove.


4. Once the beeswax has melted completely, use silicone mitts or potholders to protect your hands as you lift the bowl out of the waterbath and set it on the folded rag.


5. Let the mixture cool a bit, then pour into containers for storage. Scrape every bit out of the bowl that you possibly can, to make clean-up easier. Use a paper towel to wipe the bowl as clean as you can before washing it with hot, soapy water to avoid clogging your drain. 


6. Once cool, label the jars and put the lids on. 


To use:

Take a small amount of spoonbutter on a soft, clean, dry cloth and rub into unfinished wood items like a wooden spoon, cutting board, rolling pin, etc. Rub with the grain until the spoonbutter melts into the wood and see the wood grain come alive and glow with color, depth, and beauty.


If you do not have a kitchen scale, don’t worry. Simply estimate. If you start with a 6 oz hunk of beeswax, just grate one-third. The beeswax is “1 part”, so estimate double the amount of mineral oil for “2 parts” and add “1 part” coconut oil. This is a flexible formula and I recommend making a small trial batch initially. Next time make a larger batch to give as gifts! If you like a softer product, either decrease the amount of beeswax or increase one of the oils.

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