Chocolate Box Cottage’s 10 Favorite Gifts for the Homemaker!

Chocolate Box Cottage’s 10 Favorite Gifts for the Homemaker!

10 Favorite Gifts for the Homemaker!
Hubby Sam and me on Christmas Eve 2020

I’ve rounded up a list of favorite things around Chocolate Box Cottage that would make great gifts for the homemaker. Here are my 10 Favorite gifts to give and receive. This special collection was curated with the homemaker in mind – we will talk about other gift-giving categories soon.

Prices for these gifts for the homemaker range from a few dollars for pretty mason jar labels any woman who has a desire to organize her pantry and freezer would enjoy to $99 for an heirloom quality polished stainless steel tea kettle with a two-tone harmonic train whistle.

Lots of gift ideas in the middle price range as well! These are practical, quality items that lighten the tasks of homemaking and they’re all things I use and enjoy. See something you would like for yourself? Share the link with your husband or family so that you get just what you have in mind.

Disclosure: these are not affiliate links, just items I use on a regular basis. Enjoy!

Farmhouse Teas small gift set
Fun, pretty, and thoughtful! Choose from a variety of lovely organic teas and several types of lip balms and salves

1. Tea and Herbal Care Gift Set

You get to choose the lip balm, tea flavor and salve scent in this beautifully boxed gift! The perfect selection of herbal goodness for any holiday (Christmas or Mother’s Day), Birthday, gift exchange, co-worker, boss, family, or friend! Tailor it to what they will love most! I have enjoyed both giving and receiving this gift! My current favorite flavor is a seasonal special: Country Christmas tastes just like a cinnamon roll!

gifts for the homemaker
Polished Chantal tea kettle is a beauty!

2. Chantal Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle

When water comes to a boil, this teakettle’s harmonica whistle sounds off with all the resonance of a train whistle. Designed by Chantal Founder, Heida Thurlow, nearly 40 years ago and has become an icon of teakettle design and function. Tea kettle holds 1.8 quarts and heats quickly. The wire-loop handle provides a secure grip. My mom bought me a Chantal tea kettle for my birthday somewhere around 2013 and I have been enjoying it since! It still looks just as shiny as ever and the flat base is still flat, unlike other cheaper tea kettles I have owned that warped over time. This is an heirloom quality tea kettle, you can’t go wrong.

3. Vintage Wreath Wide-Mouth Jar Labels

A small but special item any home canner or crafter will surely appreciate! Perfect for labeling canned goods, crafts, baked goods, DIY bath and body projects, organizational projects, pantry products, gift giving and more! You get a set of 25 designer stickers featuring a vintage French autumn wreath design. (Seller, Mistressofthehouse, offers many other designs, sizes, and shapes.) These labels are made of waterproof vinyl, and they’re removable! Can’t beat that. Perfectly sized for wide-mouth jar lids (2.5 inches), so attractive!

Kevin's Quality Clothespins
Heirloom quality clothespins do exactly what they’re supposed to do!

4. Heirloom Quality Clothespins

These Classic American style clothespins conform to the traditional style pins first developed by Solomon Moore back in 1887 (also American), but with notable improvements. The pins are larger and far sturdier, made of hardwood with stainless steel springs that never rust. These quality clothespins hold won’t let go of your wash even on windy days. I have used Kevin’s Clothespins since about 2014 and they’re the best. If you have a clothesline, do yourself a favor and stock up. You’ll never look back.

copper watering can
My watering can is over 10 years old. The linked watering can is even prettier than mine!

5. Copper Indoor Watering Can 

This handsome watering can is made of lustrous hammered copper. The slender, curved spout creates a gentle stream for precision pouring, making it easy to tend pots large and small, terrariums and pet water dishes without dripping on the floor or furniture. The generous 3-quart capacity means fewer trips to the faucet. I have enjoyed my watering can since Sam gave it to me as a Christmas gift in 2010. This one is very similar to mine, but even prettier.

6. Candle Hooks for Mason Jars

These candle hooks are an easy way to add a homey, cozy touch of hygge (the Danish word for cozy, pronounced hoo-gah) to your table and around your cottage home. Just hang the curved metal hook inside your own mason jar and add your own candle. Hooks are fashioned from black metal and hang nicely inside regular-mouth quart jars. Sold as a 2-pack, so you can gift them individually or in multiples for use as luminaries along a porch or driveway! Special thanks to my friend Rachel Costenbader for recommending these! Mine are on order and haven’t come yet, but I wanted to share these as I know how many of you enjoy using your mason jars in creative ways.

7. Dripless Candles for Candle Hooks for Mason Jars

Both practical and mesmerizing! A candle maker spent years developing a long-burning candle with an extra thick wick for more light. The result is stunning. Candles are perfectly sized to fit the Candle Hooks for Mason Jars above. Available only in antique white, candles burn about 8 hours with no dripping or smoking! Which means no mess to clean up in the bottom of the mason jar, hallelujah!

8. USA Cookie Sheet

Bake a bigger batch next time with the extra-large jelly roll pan from USA Pan. The baking surface area is gently ridged and carries a nonstick coating that lasts. The thickness of this aluminized steel pan is designed for even heat distribution and, unlike thinner pans, it won’t warp. Good for all your cookies, jelly rolls, breads, and roasted vegetables. Hand wash, always hand wash any nonstick cookware! My first USA cookie sheet is more than 10 years old and going strong! If you’re a cookie baker like I am, it’s really nice to have two of these pans…or even three so that one pan has time to cool while one is in the oven and another is ready to go.

9. Silicon Sweet and Savory Baking Mats

Instead of greasing the cookie sheet or using parchment paper when baking or roasting, opt for Mrs. Anderson’s reusable nonstick silicon mats. Comes in a set of two, one (orange) for sweet baked goods like cookies and bread, the other (green) marked savory for roasting vegetable and meats. Mats measure 11 x 16 inches (28 x 40.5 cm)and fit the USA cookie sheets recommended above. Oven safe to 480 F (285 C) so they’re safe for your sourdough creations baked at high temp! Wipe clean or wash in warm soapy water. These mats last a long, long time. Mine is going on 8 years and I just purchased this 2-pack for two new cookie sheets.

cookie scoop
Cookie and muffin scoop, 3 sizes

10. Cookie and Muffins Scoops

Just scoop, scrape, and plop on the pan! Making cookies of even size and muffins with nicely rounded tops became so much easier when I bought these scoops! You can easily lay out an entire pan of perfect mounds of dough in a minute versus trying to scrape one spoon with a second spoon and hoping for the best. OXO good grips scoops are built well and comfortable to hold in your hand. Anyone with wrist pain or arthritis would certainly benefit. I’ve been using these for years and think you’ll love them, too.

There are many more wonderful, thoughtful gift ideas on my Shopping Guide! From cookbooks to baking tools to basics for brand new cooks! I’ve even included links for some special tools for German-from-Russia and Norwegian ethnic cooking utensils – since that happens to be my ethnic background.


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