Tea Party becomes a Pizza Party

Tea Party Becomes a Pizza Party

Tea Party Becomes a Pizza Party

Chocolate Box Cottage Diary Vol. 2
Week 1: January 7, 2022 extra

Our weekly tea party turned into a pizza party! 🍻🍕

I usually bring a home-cooked lunch and a special tea to try each week, but decided to take the fun and easy route this week with a take-and-bake pizza from Papa Murphy’s and root beer.

Thin crust Mediterranean chicken pizza baked to perfection in Mom’s oven.

My niece Alyssa brought a gorgeous salad made from ingredients she grew: microgreens grown in the house under grow lights and hardy greens from her winter garden, with a homemade creamy vinaigrette. Lip smacking good!

My amazing stepdad Rolly had just gotten home from Mt. Ashland – he is an avid skier. ⛷ Rolly said it was the worst skiing he remembers – snow, then heavy rain, then freezing temperatures turned the snow from beautiful, sparkling powder into frozen treachery. He skied a few runs and came home hungry.

Lots of stories and laughter, a great way to start the year. Afterward, Rolly cleared the table and did all the dishes, nice! I’m so thankful for Mom and Rolly’s presence and influence in my life and in our family.

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