candlelight s'mores

Candlelight S’mores, no Campfire Needed!

Candlelight S’mores, no Campfire Needed!

candlelight s'mores

Making s’mores by candlelight is a grand way to illuminate a small, but special moment. You know, like putting away the laundry, making it through a dreary day or a tough week, decluttering a drawer, weeding a flowerbed, or just because. Pick a reason, any reason will do.

I wouldn’t call this a recipe, more of a gentle nudge. Making candlelight s’mores is hardly an original idea, but it’s so simple it’s easy to forget. Consider this your reminder.

You don’t need a campfire to make s’mores. 

A candle on a plate, secured in place with a dot of melted wax will give your s’more authentic campfire flavor. Perfect for a date night for two.

Pile the graham crackers and marshmallows around the base of the candle and add a little bowl of chocolate chips. Unless you happen to have a Hershey bar. Use a fork to toast the marshmallow just the way you like it. The hot mallow quickly melts the chocolate chips, creating that perfect warm and melty, sweet, and crunchy treat we have all loved since childhood.

If you have kids, use a votive candle in a candleholder, supervise with care, and have fun. They won’t mind taking turns.

A pure beeswax candle offers the cleanest option for your candlelight s’mores celebration. We buy our beeswax candles from The Oregon Bee Store in Eagle Point, Oregon. I’m not sure if they ship, I like to pick out my candles by hand. Look around, there may be a beekeeper or beeswax crafter near you, be sure to check your local farmers market.

candlelight s'mores
You can pull together a mini celebration in moments!
candlight s'mores
Toast your mallow just the way you like it.

We enjoyed a recent date night at home with Candlelight S’mores. You can read about it here:



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