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blackberry ice cream

Eating Through the Freezer

Eating Through the Freezer Chocolate Box Cottage, Volume 2 Week 27: July 9, 2022 I love this time of year ...
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Huckleberry Lime Jam, low sugar

Huckleberry Lime Jam ~ Low Sugar!

Huckleberry Lime Jam ~ Low Sugar! The spritely flavor of Western Huckleberries is amplified with a twist of lime! Blueberries ...
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Preserving season begins with Huckleberry Lime Jam

Preserving Season Begins

Preserving Season Begins Chocolate Box Cottage Diary Vol. 1Week 32: August 13, 2021 This week feels like a continuation of ...
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Coffee and Muffins on the Porch for Father’s Day

Coffee and Muffins on the Porch for Father’s Day Chocolate Box Cottage Special Edition, Vol. 1 Week 24: June 20, ...
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Michele Pryse, FNTP

Michele Pryse, FNTP

I'm a homesteader, wife, and mom of 5 adult children living in rural Oregon. I have 20+ years of experience teaching cooking and gardening skills and love to read cookbooks and cozy mysteries!

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