Coffee and Muffins on the Porch for Father’s Day

Coffee and Muffins on the Porch for Father’s Day

Chocolate Box Cottage Special Edition, Vol. 1

Week 24: June 20, 2021

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad I heaven. I know he’s having a fantastic day today and every day. I couldn’t have had a better Dad. My Dad loved me unconditionally, supported my interests, did his best to help me develop my gifts, and set an example that I will carry in my heart forever. I love you Dad.

I’m deeply grateful for the gift my husband, Sam, is. Blending 2 families and 5 kids was no easy task. We messed up regularly but kept going, kept trying.

Being a stepparent is only for the brave. If you are one you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you aren’t, you have no idea.

The rewards come later, much later, so if you’re in a season of struggle and anguish, hang onto each other, hang onto your kids, and hang onto Jesus.

I’d like to quote from the card our youngest daughter, Miriam, gave Sam. “Thank you for helping me with my car so much and making it so I know I have someone to call when things get scary. But mostly, thank you for taking on this family full of stubbornness and for loving Mom the way she deserves. I see how much you do for her and how hard you work to support her dreams and I have so much respect for you…”

I have similar thoughts about my own stepdad, Rolly, who married my Mom after my Dad passed away. I see how much he cherishes my Mom, I see his kindness and thoughtfulness towards her, and the things he does to make her life a happy one. Thank you, Rolly, for loving my Mom the way she deserves.

If you’re still reading, thank you. Happy Father’s Day to all my Dad friends. You rock. The kids of this world need Dads who are present, not perfect. Men who live their values, mess up, and know how to say they’re sorry. Your role in a child’s life is of inestimable value. Thank you for doing what you do: working hard, persevering in your relationships, making ten thousand small and large sacrifices so that your family will be safe and protected. I salute you, Dads, every one of you.

My man of valor. Happy Father’s Day, Sam.

My parents, Clay and Donna Gangnes and me as a baby, before my sister came along.

Miriam and her rescue dog, Pumpkin.

We enjoyed Sam’s favorite huckleberry muffins warm from the oven on the front porch this morning with coffee, tea, and presents.

A rose not perfect, but perfectly beautiful. Many roses and other blooms greeted us this beautiful Father’s Day morning.

Roses and clematis climbing the fence.


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