glass cleaner and all purpose cleaning spray

Sparkling Glass Cleaner and All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaning Spray | Homemade Cleaning Products 

Sparkling Glass Cleaner and All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner

It shouldn’t be expensive to keep a clean house. Today we are going to replace two expensive commercial cleaning products with homemade equivalents: glass cleaner and all-purpose cleaning spray.

You probably already have the ingredients in your cupboard, but if not they are easy to find at the grocery store and you will be set to make batch after batch of homemade cleaning products.

Both products take just a few ingredients! Watch the video to see how easy they are to make.

Before you start

Before you create your products, please print the labels provided by clicking the big pink button below.

Cut them out and use wide clear tape to attach them to your spray bottles. It is important to label all cleaning products in the home and keep them out of reach of children – even those made with natural ingredients.

These cleverly designed labels double as recipes!

When your product runs out, simply add more ingredients as listed on the label and you’re set!

Sparkling Glass Cleaner

Sparkling Glass Cleaner

Commercial glass and window cleaners seem inordinately expensive for what they are, which is mostly water!  I’ve been using this formula (with the vinegar) for many years, inside and out, and my windows and mirrors come out squeaky clean.  We used to be on a well and our water was hard.  If wind caused water spray from a sprinkler to spatter the windows this will remove watermarks as long as it is cleaned within a day or two.  Adding the blue coloring does not make the product any more effective, but its color makes it easily recognizable as glass cleaner.  (And, I think, more fun to use!)

2 cups (475 ml) warm water
2 drops Dawn dishwashing liquid
2 drops blue food coloring, optional
1/2 cup (110 ml) vinegar, recommended for hard water
24-ounch (700 ml) spray bottle

Fill a labeled 24 oz. (700 ml) spray bottle nearly full with water, add vinegar if desired. Add 2 drops Dawn dishwashing liquid. Add 2 drops blue food coloring, optional, Place top on the bottle and shake gently to combine. That’s it!

Use like Windex or any other commercial glass cleaner. Spray windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces and wipe clean with a clean rag or paper towel.

Optional: If you have hard water or like a quick-dry window cleaner, add 1/2 cup white vinegar to the formula.

All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner

All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner / Indoor Ant Spray

Click the big pink button below to print your product labels, which double as recipes.

With basic ingredients and a little know-how, you can compound a homemade cleaner that is useful in cleaning the hard kitchen and bathroom surfaces that need frequent maintenance:  stove top, fridge door, counters, garbage and compost pails, and more. Add a few drops of essential oil and a drop of two of food coloring, if you like. 

2 cups (475 ml) warm water
2 teaspoons Borax
1/4 cup (55 ml) Castile soap, plain or scented
1/4 cup (55 ml) vinegar
24-ounce (700 ml) spray bottle

Add warm water to labeled spray bottle first, then remaining ingredients.  Close the bottle and shake well to dissolve the Borax.  You are now armed to clean up dirty, greasy, and grimy surfaces!

The surprise second use for this product is as an indoor ant spray. Anytime you see ants spreading out across the kitchen counter or other hard surface, spray, wait a minute, and wipe them up with a paper towel.

Note: Please do not spray ants outdoors. Ants belong outdoors and serve a purpose in nature.

🛒 Shopping Guide (Some links are affiliate links and I earn a small commission when you make a qualifying purchase. This does not change your price. Thank you for supporting my business!) 

🌼 Dawn dishwashing liquid, Castile soap, plain vinegar, and Borax powder are available about most grocery stores. You may also find empty spray bottles and a tote you can use for your cleaning products. Please support local businesses in your area!

✳️ If you are unable to find spray bottles in a local store, try the links below.

🌼 Plastic spray bottles, 24 oz., 4-pack 

🌼 Plastic spray bottle, 32 oz. single

DIY cleaning tote

Lastly, I would like to leave you with a spark of inspiration to start your own DIY cleaning tote filled with homemade products.

Best wishes for a clean and cozy cottage!




  • Making fresh batches of both this morning! Still smiling at the addition of blue food coloring to the window cleaner, its the simple things that bring joy to the daily round. Much love your way.
    Mary Grace

    • I’m glad to hear it! If you’ve got spray bottles and basic ingredients you can get to making asap!

  • Lovely music in the background which makes your program nice and elegant. And I like your cleaning caddy system that you’re filling with wholesome cleaning ingredients.


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