Tea Station Ideas

Tea Station Ideas

Wouldn’t it be dreamy to have a dedicated space in your kitchen with everything you need to make your favorite hot cup of tea (or coffee) at your fingertips? Watch the video for tea station ideas and inspiration – you might be surprised to find you have everything you need to create a lovely and welcoming tea station already in your house! Take a look around with fresh eyes and see what can be repurposed.

A project like this is well-suited to thrifted items. You may already have a turntable, tray, or attractive and suitable basket to use as your Tea Station, but if you don’t, I hope you will look for secondhand items to fill in what you need before buying new.

Resources for Creating Your Tea Station

✳️TEA KETTLE https://smile.amazon.com/Chantal-Stai… I appreciate my fine Chantal Tea Kettle with train whistle. It is a thing of beauty and built to last. (Mine was a birthday gift from my Mom. Thanks, Mom!)

✳️CRAFT CART https://www.michaels.com/search?q=cra… These are super handy to outfit as a tea cart and come in colors!

✳️TWO TIER TURN TABLE I dare you to say it ten times really fast! Check second-hand furniture shops and thrift stores. Amazon may offer something to suit your particular space and style.

✳️CAKE PLATE AND TURN TABLE A pedestal cake plate set on a turn table makes a versatile and functional Tea Station that you can take apart and use for its intended purpose when needed. Visit your local home décor store or a Home Goods, Marshall’s or TJ Maxx in your town.

✳️LOOSE TEAS Check your local farmer’s market or the bulk organic section of your grocery store.

✳️FARMHOUSE TEAS https://www.stfiacres.com/ Selection of conscientiously grown and crafted teas from Oregon, along with an array of thoughtful accessories and gift boxes. I love supporting this small family company!

✳️TEA-MAKING COURSE: MEDICINAL TEAS IN SMALL SPACES https://growcreatesip.mykajabi.com/me… Have you ever thought about growing your own plants for teas? This is the place to learn the art and craft of growing, processing, and blending your own custom teas.

✳️GROW YOUR OWN TEA GARDEN by Jodi Helmer https://smile.amazon.com/Growing-Your… First check it out from your local library. If they don’t have it on the shelf, ask if they will purchase it. Did you know that most libraries accept suggestions for books to purchase? If you love books as much as I do, you probably cannot afford all the books you want!


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