Life is but a basketful of little things, someone once said. The same can be said of our homes.

We can add romance and comfort and beauty to our homes — it’s up to us!

• Mix your own homemade non-toxic cleaning supplies
• Craft a batch of potpourri from garden roses that can retain its scent for up to 50 years
• Sew a simple apron from a dish towel for a child – bet you can’t sew just one!

Soft Scrub Cleanser Goop and Scouring Powder

Soft Scrub Cleanser “Goop” and Scouring Powder | 2 Homemade Cleaning Products

Soft Scrub Cleanser “Goop” and Scouring Powder to add to Your DIY Cleaning Tote Add these simple, homemade cleaning products …

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glass cleaner and all purpose cleaning spray

Sparkling Glass Cleaner and All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaning Spray | Homemade Cleaning Products 

Sparkling Glass Cleaner and All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner It shouldn’t be expensive to keep a clean house. Today we are going …

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clean kitchen for homestead holiday

Homestead Holiday Prep, Spring 2022

Homestead Holiday Prep Chocolate Box Cottage Diary, Volume 2 Week 21: May 28, 2022 We are spending this weekend prepping …

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Dish Towel Apron for a Child – Free Printable Pattern!

Dish Towel Apron A Dish towel apron is just what small kitchen helpers need! You remember, don’t you, how much …

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Christmas Tree Potpourri

Christmas Tree Potpourri 🎄 Make a lovely scented potpourri with cuttings from your dried-out 🎄 Christmas Tree! Or, use fresh …

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Tea Station Ideas

Tea Station Ideas Wouldn’t it be dreamy to have a dedicated space in your kitchen with everything you need to …

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Cutting Board Conditioner with Coconut Oil (Spoon Butter)

Cutting Board Conditioner, also known as Spoon Butter or Wood Butter Give your favorite wooden spoon and all your wooden …

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The Chocolate Box Cottage Shopping Guide

The Chocolate Box Cottage Shopping Guide Where we spend our money matters. Every dollar is a vote. Let’s vote for …

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homemade liquid laundry detergent

Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent

Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent If you feel trapped into spending money on laundry detergent and have ever wondered if it …

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